Charlton Wooden Gates

Charlton Wooden Gates

We stock a range of high quality wooden gates with something to suit every budget. Whether you are looking for a pedestrian side gate, entrance or driveway gate, garden gate, courtyard gate or five bar field gate.

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  1. Charltons Forester Gate

    Charltons Forester Gate

    As low as £109.82 £91.52
  2. Charltons Curved Wicket Gate TSW

    Charltons Curved Wicket Gate TSW

    As low as £84.86 £70.72
  3. Charltons Hampton Gate TSW

    Charltons Hampton Gate TSW

    As low as £94.85 £79.04
  4. Charltons Wicket Gate

    Charltons Wicket Gate

    As low as £74.88 £62.40
  5. Charltons Town Gate

    Charltons Town Gate

    As low as £182.21 £151.84

James Smith Fencing supplies a wide range or treated softwood Charlton Driveway and Pedestrian Gates. The Charlton’s Gate range has something to offer everyone from the basic 5 bar forester field gate to extravagant entrance gates. Available in treated softwood or Iroko hardwood and can even be made to order for specific sizes Please contact our office if you are looking for a different style of gate, we will be more than happy to assist! Shop the full range of bespoke products here