JSF Loyalty Scheme £1 gets 1 pointJSF Loyalty Scheme £1 gets 1 point

JSF are delighted to offer a new rewards scheme for our loyal customers which will allow you to gather reward points for every purchase made on the website, and use them for discounts on future purchases.

Product Pages

Before signing up or logging into the website a notice will show you how many points you can earn up to when purchasing a product.


Each pound spent is worth 1 point, with points rounding up to the nearest pound.

Once you have signed up or logged in, the notice changes to show how many points you can earn and how many points you have.


Each point is worth £0.01 and points can be used when you reach the checkout, with a maximum of 50% of the order total allowed to be paid with points.

Account Pages

To view your reward points in your account, first log in to your account which will bring you to your account dashboard.  The reward points tab is on the left halfway down the list.

Once in the rewards tab you will see everything you have earned points for, including orders, newsletter signup, registration and any extra points that have been awarded to your account.

Checkout Pages

When placing your order at the check out, open up the reward points tab to see how many points you have to use.


Select how many points you wish to use and click the use reward points button.

Your points will then be used to discount your order total and your points will be updated on your account accordingly.


If you change your mind and wish to remove your points to save them then please click the remove points button.

* Please Note - All points must be used within a year or they wil be lost. You will receive an email notification to remind you to use your points before they run out. *

If you have any queries or would like some more information, please contact our office on 01557 330616, or email our sales team at [email protected]