Galvanised Nails & Staples

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Galvanised Nails & Staples

JSF stock a large range of galvanised nails, staples and other galvanised products.

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  1. 25mm x 2.65mm galvanised staples for rabbit netting

    Staples 25mm x 2.65mm

    As low as £27.84 £23.20
  2. Galvanised staples 40mm x 4.00m

    Staples 40mm x 4mm

    As low as £5.28 £4.40
  3. Barbed galvanised staples 40mm x 4.00mm

    Staples 40mm x 4mm Barbed

    As low as £37.43 £31.19
  4. Felt nails 20mm x 3mm

    Clout / Felt Nails

    As low as £5.76 £4.80
  5. Galvanised nails in different sizes

    Galvanised Nail

    As low as £3.48 £2.90
  6. Champion nails for a nail gun

    Champion / Paslode Nails

    As low as £37.42 £31.18
  7. Green 4 inch bag ties

    Bag Ties (per 1000)

    As low as £43.39 £36.16
  8. Lashing rod for rylock fencing

    Spiral Lashing Rods (Per 1500)

    As low as £156.60 £130.50

JSF stock a range of galvanised nails and staples in convenient small weight quantities from ½kg to 2½kg packs. We have something for every project from regular round wire nails to felt nails, clout nails, oval nails and annular ring nails. For any further enquiries please contact our sales team at [email protected] or call our office on 01557 330 616