Milwaukee staple gun 45mm staples
Milwaukee staple gun 45mm staples Milwaukee fencing staple 45mm HDG-P960 Milwaukee fencing staples shown in a Milwaukee staple gun Milwaukee staples shown being put into a post with a Milwaukee staple gun

Milwaukee Fencing Staples 45mm HDG-P960

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Milwaukee Fencing Staples 45mm HDG-P960




These 45mm fencing staples are made for the Milwaukee M18 FFUS staple gun and are for all types of wire fencing attached to wood.  These staples are hot dip galvanised coated for superior long term corrosion resistance and are made from 4mm thick steel wire for longer lifetime in outdoor applications.  They have sharp divergent point tips allowing the staple to twist as it is driven in giving better holding power.  A red adhesive coating on the tips gives increased driveability while the paper tape allows for more speed when in use.


  • SKU: FC45
  • Dimensions: 4mm
  • Length: 45mm
  • Material: Hot Dipped Galvanised
  • Pack Quantity: 960
  • Type: Fencing Staples For M18FFUS
  • Weight:  8.5KG 

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