Spiral Lashing Rods (Per 1500)
Spiral Lashing Rods (Per 1500)

Spiral Lashing Rods (Per 1500)

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Spiral Lashing Rods (Per 1500)

£156.60 £130.50


Size: 150mm x 5.74mm - Large

Size: 150mm x 7.26mm - Extra Large

Used in fencing applications for attaching the top line of a fencing net to a plain line wire just above.  This not only strengthens the overall fence but helps it to maintain it’s vertical tension.

Another application where these joiners are commonly used would be to join split nets together in applications such as deer fencing where a higher fence is required.  The lashing rods effectively join the top of a bottom net with a line wire and the bottom of the top net.

Commonly referred to as pigtails due to their spiral appearance.



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