JSF has a large selection of first grade Chainlink fencing on offer at special prices.  This chainlink is end of run and is excellent quality, with a choice of colours and heights available. Chainlink fencing is ideal for security fencing and can be used around slurry lagoons or industrial sites to improve safety and stop unwanted intruders.  It can also be paired with barbed wires above it to add extra security and make the fence harder to climb over.  Chainlink can be used with timber posts or concrete posts with JSF able to supply all fixings and fittings needed to secure and tighten your fence.


Selection of Available Colours and Sizes


Colour Height Wire Thickness Length
Galvanised 1.5m 2.00mm 25m
Galvanised 2.75m 3.00mm 12.5m
Galvanised 3.05m 3.00mm 12.5m
Black 2.75m 4.75/3.55mm 15.5m
Green 1.2m 3.55/2.50mm 12.5m
Green 1.3m 3.15/2.24mm 25m
Green 1.5m 3.15/2.24mm 25m


We also have a selection of other chainlinks in smaller quantities and are able to advise on what sizes may suit for different jobs. For any queries or to ask for prices please contact our sales team at [email protected] or call our office on 01557 330616.

Galvanised Chainlink

Green Chainlink

Black Chainlink