New Products

New Products

View our new products that have been added recently and make sure you don't miss out on your next garden or agricultural fence product.  We have new smart energisers available, milwaukee staple guns as well as a range of Forest and Zest garden products.

13 Items
  1. Forest Garden Timberdale 12 x 8 reverse apex double door combo wooden shed

    Forest Timberdale 12 X 8 Apex Workshop Double Door Combo

    As low as £2,249.99 £1,874.99 Was: £2,499.98 £624.99 OFF
  2. Forest Garden 8x 6 wooden shed with apex roof, log store and 2 windows

    Forest Timberdale 8 X 6 Apex Shed With Log Store

    As low as £1,619.99 £1,349.99 Was: £1,799.99 £450.00 OFF
  3. Marlon CST Heatguard polycarbonate triplewall 6mm corrugated rooflights

    Marlon CST Heatguard 50 Polycarbonate Rooflights

    As low as £42.48 £35.40
  4. Forest Garden Xtend 2.5 outdoor garden buildings

    Forest Xtend 2.5

    As low as £8,053.61 £6,711.34 Was: £8,477.48 £1,766.14 OFF
  5. Forest Garden Timberdale 10 X 6 Wooden shed with apex roof and two windows

    Forest Timberdale 10 X 6 Apex Shed

    As low as £1,511.99 £1,259.99 Was: £1,679.99 £420.00 OFF
  6. Corolite 10/3" Polycarbonate rooflight with UV protection

    Corolite Polycarbonate 10/3" Corrugated Rooflight

    As low as £31.08 £25.90
  7. OSB 3 board, 9mm osb, 11mm osb board

    OSB3 Conditioned Board FSC

    As low as £12.96 £10.80

We are constantly updating our product range and trying to include a vwider variety of materials for all your agricultural or garden fencing needs.  We also have new roofing products such as Marlon Heatguard rooflights which can bring more light into your dark sheds.  For more information please contact our sales team at [email protected] or call our office on 01557 330616.