Rutland ESD 12000 Smart energiser for use with a mobile phone
Rutland ESD 12000 Smart energiser for use with a mobile phone A mobile phone shown being used with the Rutland ESD 12000 Smart energiser

ESD 12000 Smart 12V Energiser

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SKU: 481979

Rutland ESD 12000 Smart 12V Energiser

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The ESD 12000 Smart energiser 12/230 volt DUO unit gives maximum flexibilty combined with a powerful output.  It includes a mains connection but can also be powered by battery, and has optimised consumption thanks to an energy saving mode, which saves battery power in fences in good condition.  It also includes intelligent battery management for when battery voltage decreases, with deep discharge protection for the 12 volt battery.  It is microprocessor controlled and has a free app download allowing the energiser to be controlled from your mobile phone. This allows you to be able to check the voltage whenever you wish and also enables you to turn the fence on and off when away from the energiser.  This energiser can also have a solar backup if required with the recommended solar module being 375559 (55 Watt) with the connection directly to the 12 volt battery.  There is also a multi-colour LED bar graph display for output voltage and battery control on this energiser.


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  • SKU: 481979
  • Max Voltage: 11,200V
  • Low vegetation max fence length: 50.0km
  • Medium vegetation max fence length: 17.0km
  • High vegetation max fence length: 7.0km

Benefits Of The App

  • FREE app for your mobile phone
  • No follow-on costs at all for the functions provided by the app
  • Permanent, free mobile transfer of data from the Smart Energizer to the app
  • Unlimited number of smart devices and users can be managed using the app


  • An all-round device for more demanding mobile or static applications - ideal for horses, cattle and sheep
  • Can be used with medium to heavy vegetative growth
  • 3.2 Output Jules at low output level
  • 5-year warranty
  • High safety in line with the latest safety standards
  • Incl. free app download
  • With High/Low/OFF switch for 2 different output powers
  • Robust, impact-resistant, UV-resistant and weather-resistant housing thanks to the use of high-quality plastics
  • Integrated hanging device for wall mounting
  • Corresponds to applicable EU safety standards


  • 1 x 12/230 Volt DUO Fence Device „Smart“ incl. Unrestricted LTE Use
  • 1 x 230 volt power pack (371030GB)
  • 1 x 12-Volt connection cable (E268739)
  • 1 x fence / ground connector cable
  • 1 x warning sign


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