Tape, Wire, Rope, Cable And Netting

Tape, Wire, Rope, Cable and Netting

JSF are stockists of a large range of Rutland tapes, ropes, poly wire, wire and netting.  These different conductor materials can be used with all Rutland posts and insulators and there is a range of reels available for storing and moving the material.

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  1. Rutland underground / leadout electric fence wire

    Rutland Underground Cable 1.6MM (10M to 100M)

    As low as £9.01 £7.51
  2. Rutland electric fence underground / leadout cable, 2.5mm core

    Rutland Underground Cable 2.5MM (25M to 50M)

    As low as £42.64 £35.53
  3. Rutland poly wire - jumbo 500m

    Rutland Jumbo Electro Wire (250M to 500M)

    As low as £22.94 £19.12
  4. Rutland heavy duty poly wire

    Rutland Poly wire (250M to 500M)

    As low as £22.94 £19.12
  5. Rutland braided poly wire

    Rutland Braided Electro Wire (200M to 400M)

    As low as £22.94 £19.12
  6. Rutland essentials polywire

    Rutland Poly Wire Essentials (250M to 500M)

    As low as £11.30 £9.42
  7. Rutland stranded wire on  reel

    Rutland Stranded Wire (200M to 400M)

    As low as £31.66 £26.38
  8. Rutland green electro tape

    Rutland Electro Tape Green (100M to 400M )

    As low as £13.24 £11.03
  9. Rutland poly tape essential

    Rutland Poly Tape Essential (200M)

    As low as £11.89 £9.91
  10. Rutland essential electro tape

    Rutland Electro Tape 12mm (100M to 200M)

    As low as £14.11 £11.76
  11. Rutland rabbit netting

    Rutland Rabbit Net

    As low as £67.19 £55.99
  12. Rutland poultry net

    Rutland Poultry Net

    As low as £100.00 £83.33
  13. Rutland ovinet sheep netting

    Rutland Ovinet Green

    As low as £94.04 £78.37
  14. Rutland spare post for pasture fencing

    Rutland Support Post For Pasture Nettings

    As low as £10.19 £8.49

Rutland supply a range of different line wires for different scenarios.  For horses, poly tape and poly rope are recommended as these are highly visible.  For cattle and sheep rutland recommend electro wire, and for smaller animals galvanised fencing wire is recommended.  There is also the option of electro netting which can be used to create small pens or fence off small areas.  For any further enquiries please contact our sales team at [email protected] or call our office on 01557 330 616.