Electro Tape

Electro Tape

Rutland supply a range of different tape lengths and widths which can be used with their range of insulators and posts.  It can also be stored on a reel for easy set up and movement of the tape.

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  1. Rutland green electro tape

    Rutland Electro Tape Green (100M to 400M )

    As low as £11.05 £9.21 Was: £13.00 £3.79 OFF
  2. Rutland poly tape essential

    Rutland Poly Tape Essential (200M)

    As low as £11.05 £9.21 Was: £13.00 £3.79 OFF
  3. Rutland essential electro tape

    Rutland Electro Tape 12mm (100M to 200M)

    As low as £11.89 £9.91 Was: £13.99 £4.08 OFF

Rutland tape is ideal for use with horses as it is highly visible.  It comes in a range of different lengths and widths and comes in two different colours, green and white.  This tape can be combined with a Rutland reel to allow easy tensioning of the tape.  For any further enquiries please contact our sales team at [email protected] or call our office on 01557 330 616.