JSF stock a range of different poly wires and wires for all your fencing needs, which can be used with Rutlands range of insulators and posts.  They can also be stored on a reel for easy set up and movement of the wire or polywire.

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  1. Rutland poly wire - jumbo 500m

    Rutland Jumbo Electro Wire (250M to 500M)

    As low as £22.94 £19.12
  2. Rutland heavy duty poly wire

    Rutland Poly wire (250M to 500M)

    As low as £22.94 £19.12
  3. Rutland braided poly wire

    Rutland Braided Electro Wire (200M to 400M)

    As low as £22.94 £19.12
  4. Rutland essentials polywire

    Rutland Poly Wire Essentials (250M to 500M)

    As low as £11.30 £9.42
  5. Rutland stranded wire on  reel

    Rutland Stranded Wire (200M to 400M)

    As low as £31.66 £26.38

Rutland have a large range of poly wires and wires for all different types of livestock containment.  The poly wires are more suited to larger livestock, such as cattle and sheep, whilst the wire is more suited to smaller animals such as chicken and pigs.  For any enquiries please contact our sales team at [email protected] or call our office on 01557 330 616.