New Electric Products

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New Electric Products

See all the new Rutland/Kerbl products now available from JSF.  These new products add to the already extensive range of Electric Fencing products we have on offer. Get your electric fence up and running today.

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  1. Rutland metal t-post for temporary fencing

    Rutland Metal T-Post

    As low as £7.99 £6.66 Was: £9.41 £2.75 OFF
  2. Rutland ovinet sheep netting

    Rutland Ovinet Green

    As low as £79.93 £66.61 Was: £94.04 £27.43 OFF
  3. Rutland ground and fence connector cable for electric fences

    Rutland Ground And Fence Connector Cable

    As low as £3.91 £3.26 Was: £4.60 £1.34 OFF
  4. Rutland angle crocodile clips for connecting electric fences

    Rutland Angle Crocodile Clip

    As low as £2.12 £1.77 Was: £2.50 £0.73 OFF
  5. Rutland replacement crocodile clips

    Rutland Replacement Crocodile Clip

    As low as £2.12 £1.77 Was: £2.50 £0.73 OFF
  6. Rutland blue gate handle

    Rutland Gate Handle

    As low as £1.61 £1.34 Was: £1.90 £0.56 OFF
  7. Rutland premium gate set for electric fences

    Rutland Premium Gate Set

    As low as £50.99 £42.49 Was: £59.99 £17.50 OFF

This new range of electrical products from Rutland/Kerbl includes insulators, gate sets, energisers, connecting cables and T-posts.  T-posts are a new type of electric fencing with metal posts giving much more strength and durability to your electric fence.  They come with a wide range of insulators for different set ups, and come in a variety of heights for all types of livestock.  For any enquiries, or for more information, please call our office on 01557 330 616, or email our sales team at [email protected].