Rutland fence starter t-post set for temporary electric fencing
Rutland fence starter t-post set for temporary electric fencing Diagram of a Rutland starter t-post set

Fence Starter T-Post Set

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SKU: 441178

Rutland Fence Starter T-Post Set

£12.74 £14.99



This fence starter T-post set is designed for starting a fence line and allowing wires to be tensioned without pulling the post over.  The diagonal strut attaches to the next post and stops the starting post from pulling inwards.  To install the starter set the starting post needs to be driven 40 - 50cm into the ground, then the next post is driven in 1.5m away from it.  Remove the base plate from the diagonal support post and install the fence starter set on the starting post and on the next post in line.  Attach the diagonal support post to the sleeve and align it.  This set needs three metal T-posts to set up (not included). 

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  • SKU: 441178
  • 2 brackets for the diagonal strut
  • Fastening screws
  • Protective caps

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