3" x 3" Square Stobs
3" x 3" Square Stobs 3" x 3" square stobs in a fence line 3" x 3" square stobs shown in a domestic fencing job

Larch Square 3" x 3" Pointed Stob

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Larch Square 3" x 3" Pointed Stob

£3.80 £3.17



Our 3″ x 3″ square fence stobs/posts are rough sawn from UK home-grown larch for a maximum lifespan of up to 25 years and have been green pressure treated ready for ground contact.  They are suitable for use in agricultural and domestic settings, for applications such as permanent stock fencing, picket fencing and panel fencing.  Supplied with a square sawn point, these stobs are ideal for driving in with a postdriver or manually with a mell.  We recommend that stobs go 2ft into the ground for maximum strength.


  • Dimensions: 75mm x 75mm (3" x 3")
  • Wood: Larch
  • Treatment: Green Pressure Treated


SKU Length Approx Weight
3X3X3 0.9m (3ft)  4KG 
4X3X3 1.2m (4ft)  4.5KG 
5X3X3 1.5m (5ft)  5KG 
5'6X3X3 1.65m (5'6")  6.1KG 
6X3X3 1.8m (6ft)  7KG 
7X3X3 2.1m (7ft)  7.5KG 
8X3X3 2.4m (8ft)  8KG 
9X3X3 2.7m (9ft)  9.5KG 
10X3X3 3.0m (10ft)  10KG 


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