V-mex Fencing System

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V-mex Fencing System

This new Vmex® V3 fencing system offers the ideal fencing solution to your perimeter security requirements. This cost effective solution is suitable for commercial developments, schools and industrial warehouses, amongst other applications.

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IAE Vmex® V3 is designed to be unobtrusive whilst still offering a good level of security. The weld mesh panels with longitudinal profiles are manufactured from 5mm horizontal and 4mm vertical wires to give 200 x 50mm aperture openings.  This makes this security fencing very hard to climb over. The panels are fixed to 60mm x 60mm posts and secured with M8 security fixings and clamping clips. It has a green polyester powder coated finish with the panels coming in 3000mm lengths. Different colours and styles are available in this type fencing, and if further information is required please contact our sales team at [email protected] or call our office on 01557 330616.