IAE Deluxe Calving Hurdle
IAE Deluxe Calving Hurdle IAE Deluxe Calving Hurdle

IAE Deluxe Calving Hurdle

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The Deluxe Calving Hurdle is a simple way to assist with calving when the time comes. The hurdle enables the pregnant animal to be isolated and safely restrained so that the birthing process can be carried out in a controlled, calm and safe manor.

The Deluxe Calving Hurdle features removable rails inside the gate so that if a Caesarean Section needs to be performed it can easily be carried out. Simply remove the rails or open the gate to provide you with the space you need.

The special yoke is positioned differently to that of a standard feeding yoke. Due to a higher risk of animals going to the ground during birth, the yoke is designed to allow for this and will therefore allow the head of the cow to slip down without causing choking.

The calving hurdle is set to be one hand only as a Caesarean section can only be performed on one side of the cow.

  • 5 rail gate with 3 removable rails
  • The 3 removable rails either allow for a Caesarean section to be performed or for the calf to suckle from its mother
  • Cow can be yoked to assist with the calving
  • 3050mm long
  • Low safe exit from yoke in case of the animal going to the ground
  • Set at 90 degrees from another fence line to create a temporary calving area.


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