Galvanised Hurdles

IAE M800 Series CrushIAE M800 Series Crush
Galvanised Hurdles

We stock a selection of sizes of hurdles, from cattle hurdles to sheep hurdles.

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  1. Galvanised Sheep hurdle

    Sheep Hurdle - Interlocking, 7 Rail

    As low as £29.40 £24.50 Was: £31.80 £7.30 OFF

   JSF stock sheep and cattle hurdles that are perfect for making a temporary, or permanent, pen to store sheep or cattle in. The sheep hurdles interlink with each other allowing for quick building and dismantling and ease of movement. The cattle hurdles come with a coupler pin which allows the hurdle to be connected to another.  For any enquiries please contact our sales team at [email protected] or call our office on 01557 330 616.