Corrugated Sheets

Corrugated Sheets

JSF stock a range of galvanised 3" corrugated sheets in lengths from 6ft to 19ft and a wide range of rooflights, flashings and fixings.

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  1. This image is of a 0.7mm thick galvanised corrugated sheet

    0.7mm Galvanised Corrugated Sheet

    As low as £18.72 £15.60
  2. This image shows a Vistalux corrugated PVC translucent sheet

    Vistalux Clear Corrugated PVC - 1.1mm Heavy Duty

    As low as £29.76 £24.80

JSF are stockists of a range of traditional, galvanised 3" corrugated sheets in a variety of lengths from 6ft to 19ft. We also stock a wide range of rooflights, flashings and fixings to compliment them.  JSF are also agents for A. Steadman & Son Ltd who can produce AS13/3 corrugated sheets cut to your required lengths. These sheets are available in either polyester or plastisol finishes and in a variety of colours along with flashings and produced to your exact specifications.  For further enquiries please contact our cladding team at [email protected] or call our office on 01557 330 616.