This image is of a 0.7mm thick galvanised corrugated sheet
This image is of a 0.7mm thick galvanised corrugated sheet Galvanised corrugated sheets used on a roof with fixings Galvanised corrugated sheets in a stack Galvanised corrugated sheets in a stack end on

0.7mm Galvanised Corrugated Sheet

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0.7mm Galvanised Corrugated Sheet

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These traditional galvanised corrugated sheets are suitable for a wide variety of applications.  From roofing to wall cladding in domestic, as well as agricultural settings, these are an affordable cladding solution.  These 14/3 profile sheets are 0.7mm thick and have an overall width of 1117mm with an effective cover width of 990mm.  There are 14 corrugations per sheet with each corrugation 3" (75mm) in length.  They come in a range of lengths from 1830mm up to 5790mm and are normally fixed with tin to timber fixings.

* Please Note: We recommend using 80mm tin to timber fixings to attach these sheets, though 60mm can be used as the minimum fixing size *


  • Profile: 14/3
  • Width: 1117mm
  • Effective Cover Width: 990mm
  • Thickness: 0.7mm
  • 14 corrugations per sheet
  • 3" (75mm) corrugation length


SKU Length Approx Weight
CORRU6 1830mm (6ft)  10.7KG 
CORRU8 2440mm (8ft)  14.5KG 
CORRU10 3050mm (10ft)  18.1KG 
CORRU12 3660mm (12ft)  22KG 
CORRU14 4270mm (14ft)  25.4KG 
CORRU16 4880mm (16ft)  29KG 
CORRU19 5790mm (19ft)  35KG 

Please Note 

Precautions on receipt of delivery, and when storing prior to use, need to be taken in order to prevent "white rust" caused by moisture.  Sheets should be stored under cover immediately and not exposed to moisture, including condensation.  The best storage solution is inside and away from the elements, as if the product becomes wet and is stored flat with moisture sitting, white rust may occur from the natural reaction zinc has with moisture and oxygen.  Should moisture occur on the sheets they should be dried immediately and the package opened and well ventilated between the sheets to allow the moisture to evaporate or dry.  Please note that galvanised is not a "colour" and appearance is not consistent.  As galvanised steel weathers discolouration occurs.


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