Rutland Energiser Boxes

Rutland Energiser Boxes

Rutland supply a range of energisers for all types of electric fencing, from professional heavy duty livestock fencing, to hobby farming/riding fencing.  The Professional Rutland range is for large fences thousands of meters in length,  the Rutland range is for medium sized fences and the Essential range is for small holdings and hobby farmers.

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  1. ESB 3000 Battery energiser

    Rutland ESB 3000 Battery Energiser (3J)

    As low as £289.00 £240.83 Was: £340.00 £99.17 OFF
  2. Rutland Battery Energisers 9 V

    Rutland Battery Energisers 9 V

    As low as £110.50 £92.08 Was: £130.00 £37.92 OFF

Rutland have three different ranges of energisers named Professional, Rutland and Essential.  The Professional range is ideal for farmers who use electric fencing on a daily basis in the toughest of conditions.  This range gives the farmer peace of mind that whatever the conditions, the highest level of protection is given to their animals. The Rutland range has been one of the market leaders in the UK for electric fencing for over 35 years and is the most popular choice by all Farmers/ Riders /Small holders due to the reliability of the products supplied.  The Essential range is designed for the hobby farmer/riding enthusiast. This has been designed to be a low entry level range designed for standard fencing, keeping costs to a minimum while still being able to enjoy the use of the reliability of Rutland.  For any further enquiries please contact our sales team at [email protected] or call our office on 01557 330 616.