JSF stock a wide range of tools to assist in many applications. With a variety of fencing tools to aid with tensioning to handsaws to measuring tapes to chisels and drill bits we really are a one stop shop!

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  1. Mell with fibre glass handle

    Mell Fibre Glass Handle

    As low as £91.20 £76.00
  2. Spirit level

    Spirit Level

    As low as £22.80 £19.00
  3. Bolt cutters 12" long with soft grip handles

    Bolt Cutters

    As low as £26.40 £22.00
  4. HSS drill bit

    HSS Job Drill Bit

    As low as £0.38 £0.32
  5. SDS masonry drill bit


    As low as £1.51 £1.26
  6. Masonry drill bit

    Non SDS Masonry Drill

    As low as £2.98 £2.48
  7. Picardy auger bit 8" long

    Picardy Auger Bit 8" Long

    As low as £18.82 £15.68
  8. Auger bit 16" long

    16" Auger Bit

    As low as £29.18 £24.32

At JSF we have a range of fencing and landscaping tools to help with all your fencing needs. From strainers to wire cutters find your perfect tool today.  For more information please contact our office on 01557 330616, or email our sales team at [email protected].