Metal Gate Accessories

Metal Gate Accessories

To compliment our huge range of galvanised gates JSF have a large stock of ironmongery to suit every possibility whether hanging from a timber or galvanised post or to an existing wall or securing two gates.

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  1. Galvanised Door Spring

    Galvanised Door Spring

    As low as £10.91 £9.09
  2. FML Gate Chain c/w Staple

    FML Gate Chain c/w Staple

    As low as £8.09 £6.74
  3. Galvanised Gate Eyes

    Galvanised Gate Eyes

    As low as £2.66 £2.22
  4. Galvanised Gate Staple

    Galvanised Gate Staple

    As low as £3.11 £2.59
  5. Galvanised Hook to Bolt

    Galvanised Hook to Bolt

    As low as £6.49 £5.41
  6. Galvanised Hook to Bolt c/w Welded Washer

    Galvanised Hook to Bolt c/w Welded Washer

    As low as £7.10 £5.92
  7. Galvanised Hook to Bolt c/w 1" Pin

    Galvanised Hook to Bolt c/w 1" Pin

    As low as £11.87 £9.89
  8. Galvanised Hooks on Plates

    Galvanised Hooks on Plates

    As low as £7.46 £6.22
  9. Brass Padlocks

    Brass Padlocks

    As low as £4.97 £4.14
  10. Spring Loaded Bolt

    Spring Loaded Bolt

    As low as £5.93 £4.94

At JSF we carry a whole selection of accessories to compliment our range of galvanised gates. From galvanised hanging and slamming posts, available both round and square to full length hinge plates, drop over frames, ground sockets with lids, drop bolts and gate wheel supports. If you can't find what you are looking for on our online shop don't despair simply call or email and a member of our friendly team will gladly deal with your enquiry.