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IAE are the UK’s largest manufacturer of livestock equipment and recognise that not all agricultural buildings and farms are the same, which is why they offer made to measure services. Whether you are looking for a specific design, special lengths, or some small changes to be made, they can manufacture a solution that is tailored to your needs.

Today, IAE operate from a 36-acre purpose built, environmentally conscious site near Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire, England. Like JSF, IAE remains a family run business. Over the years they have continually invested in the latest technology to ensure that they offer a range of products and degree of precision that is unprecedented in their field. After manufacture the products are then hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 at their in-house facility.

JSF work with dedicated IAE reps who are happy to visit your site and offer a wealth of practical and technical knowledge to ensure a first-class service.

IAE can offer bespoke solutions for Agricultural, Industrial, Markets and Roundhouses; and at JSF we are proud to stock a wide range of IAE stock gates, pedestrian gates, circular cattle feeding rings, galvanised hang, and slam posts and many gate accessories. We can also offer a range of Cattle Crushes, Weight Systems, Portable and Fixed Cattle Handling, Sheep Handling and Housing, Lamb Equipment, Roundhouses and much more!

"IAE are proud to have established a long-term relationship with James Smith Fencing. IAE’s team of Area Sales Managers are able to offer a wealth of practical and technical knowledge that they have gained through many years of experience within the industry. These factors combined with the first-class manufacturing capabilities at our Head Quarters, in Stoke-on-Trent, allow IAE to offer a tailored service which will meet all your project requirements. From the initial site visit, right the way through to aftersales support, a thorough service will be provided by IAE working closely with the team at James Smith Fencing."

Have a browse below to see some of the unique products manufactured by IAE, or view the full IAE agricultural brochure here.

IAE Saracen Squeeze Crush

The Saracen Squeeze crush features a self-closing ‘Automatic’ yoke which is activated by the animal’s forward movement. The Saracen yoke is easily adjusted allowing seven alternative yoke settings in widths between 100mm and 250mm. The vertical yoke arms help to reduce the risk of choking if the animal collapses whilst yoked, whilst baffle plates on yokes eliminate leg traps. This yoke does not require a front safety cage to be fitted when in use.  The squeeze panels operate quickly and quietly combined with the Chieftain or Saracen yoke, this squeeze crush enables the operator to perform tasks whilst keeping the animal calm and safe.


The Sheep System D Plus builds upon the Sheep System D by including further holding and dispersal pens. It will comfortably hold approximately 100 animals

Approximately 15000mm long x 5100mm wide 

Options to put sheep through a narrow sorting race, footbath race or 915mm approx wide treatment race

Swing and slide gate allows the forcing pen to be full all of the time

Sheeted race can be tapered if required when working on lambs


The ever-popular IAE Superscoop has now been upgraded to Mark 4.5. Visually the 4.5 is difficult to distinguish from the Mark 4, however under the skin there are significant improvements. The key upgrade to the Mark 4.5 is the inclusion of a positive unidirectional lock and locking position for the scoop arm at rest (in its vertical situation). This is key in preventing accidental knocks and damage when not in use. In addition, internal components have been upgraded to improve reliability and longevity.  These improvements follow the upgrades previously made to the Superscoop, such as the revised plastic moulding that offers greater strength, whilst improving access to the head, reducing proximity to the eyes and minimising ear tag loss.


The IAE classic calf creep feeder brings together the best elements of our previous calf creep feeder designs and enhances the product with new features and design alterations. The hopper, intricately folded from heavy gauge sheet using our state of the art folding and punching equipment, forms an integral part of the structure of the creep. Incorporating the hopper into the unit as a whole gives creep inherent rigidity and strength. To prove the durability and load capacity of the new creep feeder, it was tested with a payload in excess of 500kg in the 725-litre hopper, coping with ease and without sustaining any damage throughout the trial, which included transit and lifting using the (optional) top lifting frame, and the built-in 3 point linkage and forklift points.


IAE offers 8 different variations of our Fixed Cattle Handling Systems which have all been designed using expertise gained from many years of supplying handling systems to some of the UK’s largest cattle markets as well as to the more awkward sites in fields and on farms.  We are able to offer advice on the design of the handling system for every individual situation, this includes being able to supply handling systems into an exisiting set-up or onto a completely new build.


IAE RoteX ® Portable Cattle Handling System is an easy and superbly convenient way of handling cattle. Semi-circular crowding/forcing areas encompass the most modern ideas and theories in animal welfare and operative safety. The RoteX® system is extremely portable, quickly assembled, and safe whilst on the move due to the bespoke transport crate.


This offers flexibility in that the gate can be opened from either end.  It is a very heavy duty unit and comes with 4 (No) 25mm sleeved hinge eyes and 2 (No) coupling bars.  Choose from 2mm thick detachable steel feed troughs (Hot Dipped Galvanised) or detachable treated softwood feed troughs.
Note: Units over 4880mm (16’0”) long will have troughs fabricated in two sections which may be of unequal length


Sliding and swing sheeted doors are available with all necessary fixing or running gear and are supplied with full sheet or with timber battens to facilitate Yorkshire boarding on site. Other cladding also available upon request. All sizes are made to measure. (Weather hooding is also available)


For ultimate flexibility you cannot improve upon our range of portable cattle handling equipment – suitable for field usage (can also be used in a yard but may require some permanent fixtures). Standard hurdles are 6 rail x 1525mm high with box section in-fillers for added strength, whilst gates in hurdles and frames can be hung either left or right. Also available 7 rail x 1830mm high . All items are quick and easy to assemble and because of its modular nature you can make the system as large or small as your needs or space will allow.

For more information please contact our office on 01557 330616, or email our sales team at [email protected].