High tensile rylock stock fencing
High tensile rylock stock fencing Close up of a high tensile stock fencing label

HT8/80/15 Galvanised Double Life Stock Fence 100M

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HT8/80/15 Galvanised Double Life Stock Fence 100M




Our double life heavy galvanised high tensile stock fence has the advantage of being designed for ease of pull up when erecting.  It is suitable for permanent livestock fencing such as sheep, cattle and pig fencing and the high tensile wire provides a stronger fence requiring fewer posts due to ease of tensioning.  The centreless core provides a catch free easily rolled out fence where the entire roll can be used.  A deep crimp between verticals helps tensioning on uneven ground, and gives flexibility against livestock contact.  Also available in 300m Rolls for large jobs where machinery is available.


  • Top & Bottom Wire: 2.50mm

  • Length: 100M

  • Height: 80cm

  • 15cm vertical wire spacing

  • 8 Line wires

  • Weight per roll: 60kg

  • Horizontal Wire spacing from bottom to top spaced at 75mm, 90mm, 100mm, 115mm, 130mm, 140mm & 150mm

  • Approx. Weight:  60KG 


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