Galvanised Water Trough
Galvanised Water Trough

IAE Galvanised Water Trough

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Galvanised Water Trough

£93.00 £77.50


Galvanised Water Trough 

1'6" Wide x 1'4" Deep (18" x 16") made from 16GA 

Service Box and Ballcocks sold seperately.

IAE Water Troughs are available in a variety of lengths: 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft and 8ft. The different sizes are ideal for different uses from smallholdings to large farms.

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Water Trough Size  Litres Gallons
2ft 109 ltr 24 gal
3ft 163 ltr 36 gal
4ft 218 ltr 48 gal
5ft 272 ltr 60 gal
6ft 327 ltr 72 gal
8ft 436 ltr 96 gal


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