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Galebreaker bayscreen on the side of a shed
Galebreaker bayscreen on the side of a shed Galebreaker bayscreen protecting a cow shed Highland cow standing next to a Galebreaker bayscreen Galebreaker Bayscreen attached to the side of a shed to act as a windbreak Galebreaker bayscreen attached full length to a shed Galebreaker bayscreen on a shed covering the gap above the gates


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Galebreaker Bayscreen

£118.80 £99.00


* Please Note: Supplied in green.  If black or grey fabric required, please state this in your order comment *


Galebreaker Bayscreen is a clip on fast fit panel with a built in ratchet tensioning system for permanent or temporary weather protection and ventilation.  It is quick to install and remove and is flame retardant.  It is made from tear and fray resistant material, and is rot proof.  Comes in a standard colour of green, and is available in M75 Standard Mesh and M90 High Performance Mesh.  M75 standard mesh has a permeability of approximately 25% and the M90 high performance mesh has a permeability of approximately 10%, making the M90 more suitable for exposed locations.  Black and grey fabric are also available at the same price, and if either of these colours is required, or if more information is needed, please leave a comment on your order or contact our office on 01557 330616

The Bayscreen is not available in store but is dispatched immediately straight from supplier, with delivery usually within 5-7 working days.



  • Easily installed and fully adjustable to fit available opening
  • No drilling or bolting required 
  • No additional supports necesary 
  • Fit on above another to reach any height 
  • Self fit
  •                                                                                                                    Flexible weather protection
  • 10 Year warranty
  • Tear and rot proof
  • Robust hooks and ratches included


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