Composite Fixings

Composite Fixings

UltraShield decking offers two types of fixings for securing your decking.  There is a hidden fix system that can be used with the grooved boards and hides all fixings, and there is also a face fix option that can be used on the solid boards, with coloured head screws that match the board colours.

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  1. UltraShield composite decking screws

    UltraShield Screws (Pack of 100)

    As low as £40.18 £33.48
  2. UltraShield Wax sticks for mending composite decking

    UltraShield DeScratch Repair Kit

    As low as £10.16 £8.47

This range includes hidden fix and face fix fittings (with colour headed screws), and also descratch crayons for hiding any scratches that may occur on the decking boards. There are two types of hidden fix fittings with a 1mm gap and a 5mm gap option between boards.  For any further queries please contact our sales team at [email protected] or call our office on 01557 330616.