Composite Fencing

Composite Fencing

UltraShield Naturale fencing is a low maintenance system that comes with a 25 year fade, stain, rot and split warranty on  the fence boards and a 15 year warranty on the concrete-in posts.  The fence boards are reversible meaning both sides of the fence have the same look.

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  1. UltraShield composite decking boards for creating composite fence panels

    UltraShield Naturale 1.76m Fence Board (Pack Of Three)

    As low as £52.28 £43.57
  2. UltraShield fence post for composite fencing boards

    UltraShield Fence Post 80mm (Includes Fence Cap & Post insert)

    As low as £90.85 £75.71
  3. UltraShield top & bottom rail with brackets and screws

    UltraShield Top & Bottom Rail, Bracket & Screws

    As low as £22.39 £18.66
  4. UltraShield extra fence post insert for aluminium fence post

    UltraShield Fence Extra Post Insert

    As low as £10.31 £8.59

This range includes posts, post inserts, top and bottom rail sets and fence boards.  The fence boards come in five different colours of Antique, Ebony, Light Grey, Teak and Walnut, which match the Naturale decking boards.  The posts and rails come in a stylish dark grey.  For any further queries please contact our sales team at [email protected] or call our office on 01557 330616.