UltraShield PRO Decking

UltraShield PRO Decking

The UltraShield PRO range is for those customers looking for one of the most durable and hard wearing products on the market, but still want a product with an attractive appearance. This range offers solid boards throughout and comes with the thickest shell which offers excellent durability.

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  1. UltraShield PRO composite grooved decking 4.8m long in Lava Grey Colour

    UltraShield PRO 4.8m Grooved Edge Deck Board

    As low as £71.38 £59.48
  2. UltraShield Lava Grey composite solid edge board

    UltraShield PRO 4.8m Solid Edge Board

    As low as £71.38 £59.48
  3. UltraShield 3.6m Lava Grey Fascia composite decking trim

    UltraShield PRO 3.6m Fascia Board

    As low as £55.60 £46.33

This range includes grooved edge boards, solid edge deck boards and fascia boards with all boards being reversible to allow either a textured or flat surface.  These boards come in two colours of Lava Grey and Western yew. For more information please contact our sales team at [email protected] or call our office on 01557 330616.