UltraShield Essential Decking

UltraShield Essential Decking

UltraShield Essential decking has been designed to provide the highest level of value at the most competitive price.  The boards gave a durable shell for excellent scratch performance and are guaranteed not to fade, stain, rot or split for residential applications.

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  1. Coastal Grey Ultrashield composite decking board 3.6m in length

    Ultrashield Essentials 3.6m Grooved Edge Deck Board

    As low as £30.38 £25.32
  2. Newtechwood Ultrashield coastal grey solid composite deck boards

    Ultrashield Essentials 3.6m Solid Edge Deck Board

    As low as £48.89 £40.74
  3. Newtechwood Ultrashield composite wood fascia boards in coastal grey

    Ultrashield Essentials 3.6m Fascia Board

    As low as £44.93 £37.44
  4. UltraShield Essential angle decking board in Coastal Grey colour

    UltraShield Essentials 2.2m Angle 40mm x 40mm

    As low as £17.20 £14.33

This range includes grooved edge boards, solid edge deck boards, fascia boards and L-angles for finishing.  These boards can be fixed with colour headed screws or with the secret fix system.  These boards come in three colours of Coastal Grey, Warm Chestnut and Silver Grey.  For more information please contact our sales team at [email protected] or call our office on 01557 330616.