Panels And Trellis

Panels and Trellis

JSF stock an extensive range of fencing panels and trellis panels coming in a variety of styles and sizes.

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  1. This San Remo Omega fence panel comes with trellis on top and is one of our most popular fence panels.

    San Remo Omega Panel with Trellis

    As low as £67.86 £56.55
  2. This bowtop fence panel is a popular choice for gardens as it allows good privacy and offers protection from the wind.

    Bowtop Vertical Board Panel

    As low as £44.81 £37.34
  3. These vertical board panels make a solid fence panel, ideal for privacy.  Pressure treated for long lasting life expectancy.

    Vertical Board Panel

    As low as £34.80 £29.00
  4. 6ft pressure treated superlap fence panel

    Pressure Treated Superlap Panel

    As low as £30.89 £25.74
  5. These diamond trellis panels are ideal for allowing plants to grow on and come in six sizes.  All pressure treated.

    Hillside Diamond Trellis

    As low as £18.28 £15.23
  6. These 110mm square trellis panels are ideal for growing plants on. All pressure treated with a ten year guarantee against rot


    As low as £7.24 £6.03

JSF stock an extensive range of Panels, Trellis and Accessories.  Our panels range from your standard Waney Lap Panels, Vertical Board Panels, Bowtop Vertical Board Panels to your more decorative panels such as our San Remo Bowtop Panels and San Remo Omega Panels with Trellis Top.  We stock 2 types of trellis, most known as standard Square Trellis and the more decorative Hillside Diamond trellis to add that extra finishing touch to your garden/patio area.  Although the range on our website is extensive, we can get in any Panel/Trellis/Accessories you need to suit your garden’s needs.  For any further enquiries please contact our sales team at, [email protected] or call our office on 01557 330 616.