Machine Round Stobs

Machine Round Stobs

JSF have a choice of different machine round stobs in stock ranging from green pressure treated stobs of varying sizes, to creosoted stobs for longer life.  From 2" diameter up to 4" there are stobs for every garden fence.

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  1. 2" machine round fencing stob

    Machine Round 2" (50mm) Stobs

    As low as £1.99 £1.66
  2. 2½" machine round wooden stobs

    Machine Round 2½" (60mm) Stobs

    As low as £3.26 £2.72
  3. 3" machine round wooden stob

    Machine Round 3" (75mm) Stobs

    As low as £3.97 £3.31
  4. 3½" machine round wooden fence post

    Machine Round 3½" (85mm) Stobs

    As low as £5.41 £4.51
  5. 90mm wooden fence stob

    Machine Round 90mm Stobs

    As low as £4.30 £3.58
  6. 4" machine round wooden stob

    Machine Round 4" (100mm) Stobs

    As low as £5.51 £4.59

Our machine round stobs can be used in a variety of settings including domestic garden fences and for general DIY use. They come in a range of sizes for different uses. For any enquiries please contact our office at [email protected] or call us on 01557 330 616.