DuraPost Fencing

DuraPost composite fencing showing the Vento and Urban rangesDuraPost composite fencing showing the Vento and Urban ranges
DuraPost Fencing

JSF are able to supply a large range of DuraPost Fencing, including five different colour ranges, as well as all the accessories required to build your fence.  We are also able to supply DuraPost composite fence panels in the popular Vento and Urban ranges.

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DuraPost is a contemporary and stylish solution to your garden fencing needs and comes in a variety of colours and styles to suit different requirements. It is guaranteed for 15 years and can easily be installed by one person.  Once installed it can withstand winds up to 110mph and, as the panels are screwed onto the posts, the panels are securely held and unable to be lifted out. For any queries, or to ask for more information, please contact our office on 01557 330616, or email our sales team at [email protected].