Fibre Cement Big Six

Fibre cement flash sale - on 50 sheets or moreFibre cement flash sale - on 50 sheets or more
Fibre Cement Big Six

JSF are stockists of Profile Six (Big Six) fibre cement.  We have a large stock of natural grey sheets and associated fittings available at all times.  We also have a range of Fibre cement fixings for timber, light steel and heavy steel.

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  1. Big six fibre cement sheet

    Big Six Fibre Cement - Natural Grey

    As low as £15.30 £12.75
  2. GRP translucent rooflight for profile six fibre cement

    Big Six GRP Rooflight, 2.44kg/m²

    As low as £21.24 £17.70
  3. Big Six closed fitting fibre cement ridge close up

    Big Six Close Fitting Fibre Cement Ridge

    As low as £30.42 £25.35
  4. Big Six vented ridge fibre cement sheet close up

    Big Six Vented Fibre Cement Ridge

    As low as £25.86 £21.55
  5. Big Six plain bargeboard closeup

    Big Six Bargeboard

    As low as £42.26 £35.22
  6. Big Six crank crown external bargeboard close up

    Big Six Crank Crown External Bargeboard

    As low as £28.74 £23.95
  7. Big Six close fitting two piece adjustable ridge

    Big Six P6 2 Piece Adjustable Ridges

    As low as £44.74 £37.28
  8. Big Six Fibre cement disc type ridge finial

    Big Six P6 Finial

    As low as £39.92 £33.27

JSF are Stockists of Profile Six, also known as Big Six, which is a high strength fibre cement sheet with polypropylene reinforcement strips inserted at engineered points along the length of the sheet, providing maximum impact strength without affecting the durability of the sheet.  This FIbre Cement sheeting is both vermin and rot resistant and in normal atmospheric conditions the life expectance is at least 50 years, but the durability of the fixings must be taken into consideration.  Fibre cement profiled sheeting can be classed as non-combustible under the building standards (Scotland) regulations and with capacity to absorb up to 25% of their dry weight in moisture and dissipate it in more favourable conditions this material has a significant effect in reducing moisture condensation.  JSF Stock Fibre Cement from 5ft to 10ft, in half foot increments in natural grey. We can also supply a wide range of painted colours c/w all fixtures and fittings.  For any further enquiries please contact our cladding team at [email protected] or call our office on 01557 330616 for any brochures or prices.