Tracks And Channels

Tracks and Channels

JSF stock a range of Coburn track and channel designed for Coburn's 216, 320 and 325 Straightaway Series.


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  1. This is an image of the coburn 2-16 track for use with coburn 216 straightaway

    Coburn Track 216 Series

    As low as £36.92 £30.77
  2. This galvanised sliding door track is used with the 320 series of Coburns sliding door. For use with Coburn Sliding System

    Coburn Track 320 Series

    As low as £42.83 £35.69
  3. This diagram shows the Coburn 325 series steel galvanised track

    Coburn Track 325 Series

    As low as £68.63 £57.19
  4. This image shows the 44-1 galvanised steel channel for Coburn's sliding systems

    Coburn 44-1 Galvanised Steel Bottom Channel

    As low as £31.42 £26.18
  5. This image is the 45-1 coburn steel galvanised bottom channel made for top hung sliding doors

    Coburn 45-1 Galvanised Steel Bottom Channel

    As low as £50.51 £42.09

This Coburn track and channel is designed for the 216, 320 and 325 Straightaway Series, and come in a variety of lengths for different door applications.  The 216 series is for light weight doors, the 320 series is for medium weight doors and the 325 series is for heavy weight doors.  For any enquiries or more information please contact our cladding team at, [email protected] or call our office on 01557 330 616.