Cladding And Roofing Fixings

Cladding and Roofing Fixings

JSF stock a range of cladding fittings to complement our roofing materials.

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  1. Self-drilling tek screws designed for fixing metal cladding sheets into timber purlins.

    Tin to Timber Fixings (Per 100)

    As low as £8.40 £7.00
  2. Self drilling tek screws with colour moulded head and 16mm rubber sealing washer

    Tin To Timber Fixings 45mm - Moulded Colour Cap (Per 100)

    As low as £18.00 £15.00
  3. Carbon steel winged drill fixings are suitable for fixing timber to light section steel purlin and rail 1.5mm-3.2mm.

    Winged Drillers (Per 100)

    As low as £6.60 £5.50
  4. These carbon steel light steel drillers are suitable for fixing single skin sheeting to light section steel purlins and rails

    Light Steel Drillers (Per 100)

    As low as £8.40 £7.00
  5. Heavy steel cladding fixing for attaching single skin sheeting to heavy steel

    Heavy Steel Driller (Per 100)

    As low as £19.20 £16.00
  6. P6 fibre cement fixings

    P6 Fibre Cement Fixings ( Per 100)

    As low as £28.80 £24.00
  7. Composite to timber Self drilling cladding fixings with a 19mm washer pre-fitted

    Composite to Timber Fixings (Per 100)

    As low as £18.00 £15.00
  8. Galvanised drive screw suitable for hammering in

    Drive Screws (Per 100)

    As low as £8.40 £7.00
  9. M8 hook bolt

    M8 Hook Bolt

    As low as £0.40 £0.33
  10. Black spat washer

    Black Plastic Spat Sealing Washer (Per 100)

    As low as £3.00 £2.50
  11. These Colour caps are made to suit standard 8mm hex head cladding fixings with 16mm washer.  Shown here with five colour caps

    Colour Caps (Per 100)

    As low as £2.04 £1.70
  12. These profiled foam fillers are foam sheets specially cut to fill gaps at the edges of roof sheets. Shown here as a pair

    Foam Fillers (Pack of 10)

    As low as £21.60 £18.00
  13. Joist hanger for timber joists

    Joist Hanger

    As low as £1.20 £1.00

We stock a full range of fixings to complement our range of cladding and roofing materials, from foam fillers to self-drilling tek screws to traditional drive screws and plastic washers. Whether you're fixing flat steel, steel profile or fibre cement into light steel zed purlins or heavy steel angle iron or timber purlins we are sure we have the perfect fixing for the job. We also carry a large range of foam fillers to suit all the A Steadman Sons steel profiles as well as the Marley Eternit Profile 6. If you don't see what you are looking for in our online shop please contact our cladding team at [email protected] or call our office on 01557 330 616.