External stop end for deep style plastic guttering
External stop end for deep style plastic guttering External stop end shown attached to a gutter. Brett Martin external stopend diagram

BR077 External Stop End

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BR077 Brett Martin External Stop End




External Stop Ends effectively cap off the guttering at the end of the run.  The stop end is held to the gutter by two moulded clips, which force the gutter down and compresses the seal at the bottom of the fitting, thus providing a watertight seal.  Stop Ends should be supported by a fascia bracket within 150mm of the fitting to prevent the end of the gutter run from collecting water and sagging.

Deepstyle gutters offer more effective rainwater drainage on larger roofs, meaning you can reduce the number of downpipes required.  This system has an easy fix clip system, which allows easy installation, and has easy access for cordless power tools.  The Deepstyle system utilises 68mm downpipe and fittings.


  • Colour: Black
  • For 115mm Deepstyle Gutter
  • Quick and easy to install

  • UV stabilised, durable and corrosion resistant

  • Lightweight, robust materials

  • Outlets and unions feature external fixing wings for power tool access

  • Integral clips on all fittings for easy connection

  • 10 year warranty

  • Approx. Weight:  0.08KG 

Gutter Layout Example

Layout example for a 115mm Deepstyle gutterLayout example for a 115mm Deepstyle gutter


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