Sleepers & Crossing Timbers

Sleepers & Crossing Timbers

We stock a range of crossing timbers and new and used sleepers.

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  1. New Crossing Timbers 10" x 6"

    New Crossing Timbers 10" x 6"

    As low as £54.00 £45.00

JSF carry huge stocks of both second-hand creosoted hardwood sleepers and new green treated softwood sleepers. Both varieties are 8'6" long and 10" wide with the used variety being 6" deep and the new slightly smaller at 5". Both varieties are popular for use in both agricultural and domestic settings with the second-hand offering more charm and character to gardens and increased strength and durability in agricultural settings. The new variety are typically most popular in applications where a square edge is essential as the used sleepers have more eased edges.