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Rutland reels are designed for holding rope, tape and wire, and allow an easy way to run out and tension electric fencing.  There are reels that can be attached to metal posts or reels that can hang off existing fences.

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  1. Rutland multi post for electric wire reels

    Rutland Multi Post

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Able to hold different widths of tape, rope, poly wire and wire, these reels are the simple solution to running out and tensioning an electric fence.  They can be attached to metal posts (sold separately) and are mainly used in temporary electric fencing, as the fence can be moved easily with the reel.  Rutland supply different sizes depending on the size of wire, tape or rope used.  There is also an option for an all-in-one reel set, that includes three reels and two metal posts.  A reel holder is required with the metal posts, and insulators that bolt onto the metal post are also available.  If the reel is being used for a temporary fence, Rutland poly posts are the perfect accompaniment for this type of fencing.  For any further enquiries please contact our sales team at [email protected] or call our office on 01557 330 616.