Electric Gates

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Electric Gates

JSF stock a range of Rutland electric gates and accessories including bungee gates, spring gates, tape gates and a wide range of handles and rope to create your own electric fence gates or repair existing gates.

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  1. Rutland gate break handles

    Rutland Gate Break Handle Multi Coloured

    As low as £2.12 £1.77 Was: £2.50 £0.73 OFF
  2. Rutland gate handle, blue

    Rutland Gate Hook Blue

    As low as £2.54 £2.12 Was: £2.99 £0.87 OFF
  3. Rutland blue gate handle

    Rutland Gate Handle

    As low as £1.61 £1.34 Was: £1.90 £0.56 OFF
  4. Rutland premium gate set for electric fences

    Rutland Premium Gate Set

    As low as £50.99 £42.49 Was: £59.99 £17.50 OFF

Rutland have a variety of different electric gates and fittings for any type of electric fencing.  Different types of gates are recommended for different livestock situations, E.g. spring gates should not be used with horses as there is a risk of them getting their mane or tail caught in the gate.  For any further enquiries please contact our sales team at [email protected] or call our office on 01557 330 616.