Tape, Rope And Poly Wire Connectors

Tape, Rope and Poly Wire Connectors

JSF stock a range of Rutland fence connectors which can be used to connect fences to batteries or fences to other fences.  Our range of connectors includes tape, rope, wire and polywire connectors.

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  1. Rutland litzclip gate tape connector

    Rutland Gate Handle Connector For Tape (4 Pieces)

    As low as £7.22 £6.02
  2. Rutland replacement crocodile clips

    Rutland Replacement Crocodile Clip

    As low as £2.12 £1.77
  3. Rutland angle crocodile clips for connecting electric fences

    Rutland Angle Crocodile Clip

    As low as £2.50 £2.08
  4. Rutland ground and fence connector cable for electric fences

    Rutland Ground And Fence Connector Cable

    As low as £3.91 £3.26
  5. Rutland litzclip tape connector

    Rutland Tape Connector (5 pieces)

    As low as £7.90 £6.58

Rutland have a range of fence connectors for fixing broken wires and attaching wire and tape to gateways.  These electric fence connectors can also be used for connecting to batteries or between fences.   For any further enquiries please contact our sales team at [email protected] or call our office on 01557 330 616.