WBP Hardwood Exterior Plywood
WBP Hardwood Exterior Plywood

WBP Hardwood Exterior Plywood

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WBP Hardwood Exterior Plywood

£16.87 £14.06


This far eastern hardwood exterior grade plywood is ideal for a huge range of applications such as lightweight shelving, bath panels, sheds, signage, storage boxes, roofing, boxing in and interior vehicle building.

WBP (water & boil proof) plywood offers a high quality finish with a knot free surface, and is resistant to crackling, twisting and warping. They also offer reduced splitting when screwing or nailing and are rated with low expansion and shrinkage, making them stable when used in all dimension.

Although WBP Plywood has great surface finish, it can be varnished or painted if required.

Available in thicknesses: 4mm, 5.5mm, 9mm, 12mm and 18mm


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