Eternit FarmTec

Fibre cement flash sale - on 50 sheets or moreFibre cement flash sale - on 50 sheets or more
Eternit FarmTec

JSF are pleased to now be able to offer Eternit FarmTec Fibre Cement sheets and all the extra fittings required for your roof. The products in this category all come in a natural grey colour, but  can be supplied in painted colours of Black, Dark Green, Midnight Blue, Dark Brown and Farmscape Anthracite upon request.

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  1. Eternit FarmTec fibre cement roofing sheets

    Eternit FarmTec Natural Grey Sheets

    As low as £12.48 £10.40
  2. Eternit FarmTec polycarbonate rooflights

    Eternit FarmTec Polycarbonate Rooflights

    As low as £27.65 £23.04
  3. Eternit FarmTec fibre cement plain wing barge

    Eternit FarmTec Plain Wing Barge

    As low as £25.99 £21.66
  4. Eternit FarmTec cranked crown plain wing bargeboards

    Eternit FarmTec Cranked Plain Wing Barge

    As low as £26.53 £22.11
  5. Eternit FarmTec fibre cement close fitting cranked ridge

    Eternit Farmtec Close Fitting Ridge

    As low as £22.04 £18.37
  6. Eternit FarmTec Vented fibre cement ridge

    Eternit FarmTec Vented Ridge

    As low as £22.04 £18.37
  7. Eternit FarmTec fibre cement soffit strip

    Eternit FarmTec Fibre Cement Soffit Strip

    As low as £28.78 £23.98
  8. Eternit FarmTec Polycarbonate soffit strips

    Eternit FarmTec Polycarbonate Soffit Strip

    As low as £78.41 £65.34
  9. Eternit FarmTec apron flashing fibre cement piece

    Eternit FarmTec Apron Flashing Piece

    As low as £19.33 £16.11
  10. Eternit FarmTec fibre cement movement piece

    Eternit FarmTec Movement Joints

    As low as £22.68 £18.90
  11. Eternit FarmTec fibre cement cranked movement joint

    Eternit FarmTec Cranked Joint Movement Ridge

    As low as £32.27 £26.89

Eternit FarmTec is a Fibre Cement corrugated roofing sheet that includes polypropylene reinforcement strips, which are inserted in precisely engineered locations running the length of the sheet.  This helps to improve the impact resistance and handleability of the sheets.  Eternit FarmTec sheets are specifically designed for British conditions and have high moisture absorbency, absorbing up to 25% of their weight in moisture, reducing condensation.  They have high levels of thermal conductivity, absorbing heat from the sun to keep sheds cooler on hot days, while retaining heat to keep the shed warmer on colder days.  These Fibre Cement sheets also have high acoustic dampening performance, making them twice as quiet as metal roofs, creating a calmer environment for cattle.  For any further enquiries please contact our cladding team at [email protected] or call our office on 01557 330616 for any brochures or prices.