Galebreaker Products

JSF are agents for Galebreaker Agri Products. Agricultural Ventilation Systems and Weather Protection for Farm Buildings.

The tough long lasting material brings solutions to farmers seeking weather protection for agricultural buildings, ventilation for livestock buildings, doors for agricultural buildings and roller screen systems for above gates, walls and feed barriers.

Standard Sizes, but can also be made for each customers individual Job.
We can supply Bayscreens, Rollerscreens, Rollerdoors, Agridoor, Maxidoor, Trackscreen, Ventilation Systems, Silage Covers, Farmflex.
We can supply the above in a range on materials, ie Standard, High Performance, Solid, Heavy Duty.

We can also supply in a range of colours, standard is green, but can also supply grey, white, brown, blue, beige, burgundy and Black
Please contact our office on 01557 330616 for more information, and prices. We can also post out a brochure if required.