Gate Accessories

IAE M800 Series CrushIAE M800 Series Crush
Gate Accessories

JSF have a large stock of metal gate accessories for hanging and closing metal gates, including hinges, gate staples and dropover frames.

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  1. Galvanised hook to bolt hinge

    Galvanised Hook to Bolt

    As low as £3.74 £3.12
  2. 1" galvanised gate hook to bolt

    Galvanised Hook to Bolt c/w 1" Pin Diameter

    As low as £12.16 £10.13
  3. Galvanised gate eye

    Galvanised Gate Eyes

    As low as £2.66 £2.22
  4. Galvanised gate staple 4" or 6"

    Galvanised Gate Staple

    As low as £1.44 £1.20
  5. Gate chain with staple commonly used for securing agricultural gates closed


    As low as £8.28 £6.90

JSF are stockists of many IAE Gate Accessories including ground sockets, drop over frames and drop bolts for gates.  For any further enquiries please contact our sales team at [email protected] or call our office on 01557 330 616.