JSF stock Rutland netting which can be used to create pens for holding livestock.

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  1. Rutland Poultry Net

    Rutland Poultry Net

    As low as £82.50 £68.75
  2. Rutland Rabbit Net

    Rutland Rabbit Net

    As low as £55.43 £46.19
  3. Rutland Support Post For Pasture Nettings

    Rutland Support Post For Pasture Nettings

    As low as £11.71 £9.76

Rutland netting can be used to make pens to contain small livestock or to fence off a small area.  This netting can be used for sheep, chickens, rabbits and other small animals.  For any further enquiries please contact our sales team at [email protected] or call our office on 01557 330 616.