4" x 3/4" Pointed Top Pickets
4" x 3/4" Pointed Top Pickets

4" x 3/4" Pointed Top Pickets

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4" x 3/4" Pointed Top Pickets

£1.42 £1.18


These green pressure treated softwood picket fence pales/slats are sold individually so the fence can be adjusted to the customers own specification. Pickets are typically spaced at 3/4″ (one picket depth), however can be spaced as close or as far apart as required. Spacing is simplified by using multiples of 3/4″ as pickets can be used as spacers when erecting fence. We would recommend 2 backing rails for 3ft and 4ft High Pickets, and 3 Backing rails for 6ft High Pickets

Our “D” shaped rails offer a better finish on the reverse of the fence with their eased edges.

This traditional style of garden fencing is the ideal boundary solution which also allows personal choice for level of privacy by using smaller spaces where extra privacy is required. Also ideal for use in exposed areas as spaces allow the wind to pass through, unlike more solid fences such as panels.


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